Friday, 7 June 2019

Summer at last

The weather for our al fresco lunch on Wednesday was very acceptable,we had a nice time.

Now the sunshine is here big time, suddenly the temperature has doubled, Mr FF is finding it hard going laying the pavings, I need to get the light duvet off our bed and replace it with just a sheet.

These are the days I love, this is what we signed up for.
Blogger is as always giving me lots of hassle, I can’t format my posts,  even this mishmash takes ages to produce and I can only leave comments in a few of your blogs.  If you are not hearing from me be assured I am still following you.


  1. Oh how I long for some of that sunshine! Nothing but cloud, wind and rain here 😩

  2. Cooler and wetter here. Lovely jubbly!

  3. Perhaps you could send some of that weather this way. Here in the Yorkshire Dales it is pouring with rain and I have just put the central heating on.

  4. It looks gorgeous, I could really use some sunshine at the moment and the feeling of warmth on my skin. There's torrential rain here in Norfolk.