Thursday, 11 October 2018

Water leak update

Sunday morning Mr FF went off to fix the water leak, which he discovered was our neighbour Anna’s, he fixed it anyway and she was delighted plying is with cake and wine in gratitude.  However we were left with our meter running when the supply was turned off at the house.  We searched the mountainside but it had rained so it was impossible to locate the problem.  Yesterday Mr FF went up again, found and fixed our leak.  Let’s hope that’s the end of it for this year.  
While he was working he got chatting to contractor who was working on the land nearby.  He agreed we need a single pipe down the mountain to our road where we could locate the 4 meters in an accessible spot.  He said he had the equipment and would do a good job for us.  Of course all 4 houses would have to agree and pay for this work but it would make life much easier.  You might think it would make sense too for the water board to have an efficient system and they might contribute, think again. 
Meantime we had a card in our post box from the water authority asking us to take a reading from the meter and send it in.  No reference number was provided or reply card, we should phone or email a response.  Since their member of staff who was here this week, a man considerably younger than us, had failed to enter the chamber of horrors to read the meter it’s a bit cheeky to expect four pension aged householders to do his work.  Annna has told us to throw the card in the bin but I’m tempted to reply, if I can find a reference number.
Spoke too soon, Mr FF has just checked the meter, we still have a leak.  Give me strength.


  1. Oh dear. Hope the problem is resolved sharpish. (I didn't read beyond 'snake infested pit' in your previous post. Uugh. And respect to your mister for going anywhere near it.)

  2. Oh dear, good luck with getting that leak sorted quickly. Drink tea and knit on! x