Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Grinding to a halt

Mid September is the new August.  Now the days are very hot, there is no more rain and it feels like high summer.  So we are doing all the August things, watering the garden, closing the shutters to keep out the heat, watching the landscape turn parched, dipping in and out of the pool and feeling sweatily exhausted most of the time.  It’s a slight worry that fires will be allowed again in a couple of weeks just when things are drying out, maybe the commune will extend the ban.
I read online that our lido in Ilkley (unheated outdoor pool) is staying open this month.  However if the water temperature drops below 15 deg wetsuits must be worn, if it drops to 10 deg the facility will close.  Our garden pool is around 24 deg and that takes my breath away.  Yorkshire folk are a tough breed, Mr FF once spent an hour in the lido when the water was 17 deg, meanwhile the Italian pools outdoor pools are closing for the year as they always do.
Our Danish friends are going home for a few weeks and will only return for a short time in October, our Roman neighbours are back in the city, not so many house lights to see on mountainside now.  Its getting quiet up here and there is a feeling of things coming to an end, let’s just hope the heat stays a little longer, you know how the turning of the season can throw me out of sorts.  In fact I may already be a little crazy, I’ve made an online Christmas gift purchase and bought a few Christmas gifts here to take home.


  1. What a great life. I love that you want to grow old disgracefully. I fell in the garden the other day. Disgraceful is the term for me getting up. It is ugly.

  2. Itoo am all for growing old disgracefully.

  3. You mentioned the C word in September! You should be flogged with a sprig of holly!

  4. I swam in our pool recently at 23 C.... I'll close down now; hypothermia is calling.

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