Wednesday 27 June 2018


The stage is set here for a glorious Italian summer, all that’s missing is the weather.  The days are warm enough but we still get regular afternoon showers and some days thunderstorms, our neighbours tv aerial was taken out last week by lightning.  
The terrace pots are floriferous, geraniums, begonias, plumbago full of bloom with my mini sunflowers standing to attention.  My rather English herbaceous border is full to bursting with gladioli, lupins, asters, vinca, morning glory, hydrangea and more exotic datura and amaryllis.  Several pots of basil sick of waiting for the tomatoes are thinking of going to seed.
The first cherry tomatoes are turning, courgettes, peas and cucumbers almost ready.  I can’t wait for the days when have more tomatoes than we can face, eat our aubergines for lunch and dinner and still have veg to give away. When we sit out till late looking at the lights in the valley and sleep on top of the thin cotton sheet that becomes the cover for our bed.  I have stocked up on spirals to burn when the mosquito arrive in force and enough candles and lantens to create magical evenings.
For now the evenings are cool, we’ve hardly seen the fireflies, barely eaten dinner outside and have no problem keeping the house cool.  
So what are you waiting for summer, get yourself here pronto.   Even if the new terrace isn’t ready for the temporary pool it soon will be, the plate vibrator is lined up for the weekend.

I still can’t post comments, the problem seems to be on sites that like me use  So annoying but know that I am following you even if my thoughts have to stay in my head.

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  1. Think your summer has stopped off here on the way. It is far too hot for me and I have resorted to staying in in the heat of the day.