Monday, 28 May 2018

Blooming blogger

Won’t let me post comments at present, unless they are posting and I can’t see them in which case I might have repeated myself a few dozen times.  I am still reading and thinking about you if you haven’t heard from me.
Meantime the weather has improved somewhat, still getting rain but not so much and it’s warmer.
Loved this years Giro, it was spectacular both the racing and the scenery although maybe this years route was just a bit too demanding.  I don’t think these tours need to get harder and harder.  I have high hopes for Simon Yates after 3 stage wins and in pink for 13 days, and how adorable is his team mate Esteban Chaves, 28 years of age, looks about 12.


  1. I had trouble for a while with blogger not letting me post comments but fingers crossed it looks like it has sorted itself out so hopefully yours will too. xx

  2. Well I am certainly reading this Jenny. Presumably this is the cycle race you are speaking of - if so - didn't Chris Frome win it yesterday?

  3. Receiving you loud and clear in Greece xx