Monday, 19 February 2018

Vanilla Latte

I like my coffee as I like my life, simple, straightforward. no fuss,  so I've never tried any of the flavoured coffees, the various milk or pseudo milk options, I don't even like latte but I am smitten by this pattern by Virginia Rose-Jeanes which is free to download on Ravelry.
I have made four pairs already, two have been gifted away but these below are still in the penthouse and Mr FF has his eye on the ones to the left

Another pair are on the needles.
The simple pattern, just two rows to remember the second being knit, offers a lot of options, three sizes, three different heel flaps , my favourite is Eye of Partridge
and two toe finishes, rounded wedge or star, I'm using star. 
How generous is that.  The pattern seems to suit all colourways from plain to fair isle.   If I could take only one pattern to my desert island this would be my choice, I can't imagine I would ever tire of it even when I had to resort to spinning coconut husks and seaweed as my yarn supply ran out.  Thank you Virginia.


  1. Love those socks. (Love coffee, too, probably a bit too much.) I really wish I could knit socks like yours and so went along to a workshop in my favourite yarn shop recently. I'm still traumatised.

  2. Vanilla latte seems a good name for them. A little vanilla, a little latte.

  3. I've not tried this pattern yet, I will have to take a look.

  4. I don't like coffee but I've used this pattern many times. It's a good one for gift knitting as I've found you don't have to be as accurate with it as with some other patterns as the rib pattern allows the socks to stretch a little to fit the feet nicely. I like all the different yarn you're using.