Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Same old same old

I'm well aware that weeks have passed since I last blogged but then the weeks are all much the same. Still no rain, we are desperate, water is rationed in many places. Here on the mountainside we are not restricted but we do try to be considerate, watering late at night when there is less evaporation and not splashing the precious stuff about in the daytime. Wild fires continue to destroy the landscape, some days we can see huge flames licking up hillsides that must be 10 or 15 miles away and I am a bit edgy when I see ash in the air or smell smoke. We are all so vulnerable until the rains comes and then worried the water will bring down rocks dislodged during the fire. Our lovely walk to the village is now depressing and every time we see the poor olive groves they look worse. I cannot imagine they will ever be restored, younger generations are generally not interested, we often chat to a man from the village who comes up to tend his fortunately saved olives, he is 86 and always works alone. On a happier note we have far too many tomatoes, I give bags away to neighbours and we eat an excessive amount ourselves. The rest of the veg is suffering, far too dry. Likewise the lawn is brown,it will come back. We had quests here for Mr FFs 69 birthday, 8 of us out on the terrace till late, we are going to an 80th birthday lunch soon and out for dinner on Friday. We have friends from Scotland coming next week for an overnight, so plenty to occupy us but not too much, that's the way I like it. I had an email from a friend asking how we unwind, do we watch tv, read etc. We start the day sitting out for breakfast looking st the view, we end the day sitting out looking at the stars and in between its home maintenance, gardening and relaxing, nothing too much to stress about.

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  1. Glad you are having a relaxing time. How are the cats? And thank you too for your kind donation. xxx