Wednesday, 26 July 2017

One of those days

Spoke to soon about the annual water leak. I noticed yesterday that despite the drought there was water on the road outside our house and after investigation Mr FF confirmed that it is indeed our pipe. While he was up at the meter, which is in a deep pit that the water board refuse to enter so we never get a correct bill, he found we had another leak up the mountain. I dread the thought of him having to dig up the road because the leak may not be where the water surfaces, it makes me so cross that the water board are rationing the supply to the village but will do nothing to help locate leaks despite having the equipment to do so. Then this afternoon Theo our shy black cat returned after almost a week with the most horrendous neck wound. He took some food and had a little wash afterwards, which I take as a good sign, but he's in quite a state. It looks like he might have had an abscess the puncture looks deep but clean so I do hope he's going to be ok because we can't get near him to help. Some evil creature has been eating our peas, we were so looking forward to them, as a change from courgettes and tomatoes, not only have the pods been eaten but many of the plants have been devoured. There was quite a large footprint in the soil and sizeable holes dug, I really would like a wildlife camera to see what happens down in our orchard when we're not about. To complete this forgettable day we had a tremendous electric storm with welcome heavy rain followed by unwelcome hailstones the size of marbles that turned the landscape white. More garden devastation, I worry for the grapes and olives in the valley not to mention all my seedlings and terrace pots. As they say it never rains but it pours, Italy has gone beyond that big style but I have every confidence normal sunshine will be restored and everything else will be resolved. Not like me to be so positive, its been a funny old day. Don't ask me why blogger won't allow me to space my text, no matter now many returns I insert everything stays in one paragraph,


  1. Ours not to reason why about blogger - let it do its own thing is my advice.
    Do hope the cat improves.

  2. Good luck trying to sort out the water issues. Hope Theo will be ok. It's good that he returned to where he obviously feels safe. Cats are pretty resilient things and if he's eating, that's got to be a good sign. xx