Monday, 24 April 2017

How did that happen

I am once again fully stocked with sock yarn so no further need to worry about me or the demise of my LYS.
The latest addition was this package from Wool Warehouse, again a beautifully presented bag full of Drops Fabel 4 ply, a yarn I haven't used before.   For some fortunate reasons Wool Warehouse applied an extra 10% discount to my bill for readers of Simply Crochet, I don't read that magazine, I can't crochet, so each 50 g ball worked out at £1.89, excellent.
Before ordering I checked the reviews on Ravelry and read that it was best to buy three balls as you can get two pairs of socks from 150 g, so mostly I did that risking 5 in one of the blue shades and hoping for either 3 pairs in a man's size or even a small persons garment. 
Rest assured that this year I shall not run out of yarn in Italy and I might still look there for something beautiful to make another Estuary.


  1. Looking forward to seeing how it knits up!

  2. Love the colours. Similarly stocked up on dates here (the sort you eat, not go on!).

  3. Great colourways! Loving your new look blog! x

  4. I think you had a bargain and it would have been a poor show not to take advantage of stocking up!

  5. I have knitted several pairs of sock with Fabel, it isn't the softest or the thickest buts knits up well and after washing softens up a bit. It is hard wearing and I use the leftovers for heels and toes in solid colour socks. A great bargain for sure.