Monday, 4 July 2016

Waiting to leave

Quite days here in the penthouse as we contemplate the move out to Italy.   A few snagging problems with the doors are fixed so nothing to keep us now. We are enjoying sitting out in the sunshine and moving inside to admire the rain sheeting down the glass when showers appear. It's Tour de France time so there's much afternoon telly and knitting until things get exciting when I drop everything as on the first day when Mark Cavendish won the sprint  to take the yellow jersey. 
I've knitted up my 25p ball of cotton, a large dish cloth above and a small wash cloth below.
I don't normally use a flannel or cloth but I do like to see a couple of these sitting prettily in the bathroom, the pink is one I made earlier.
Then of course there are socks, another pair of Earl Gray by Yarn Harlot.  I've knitted these before but checking Mr FF's sock drawer I think he may have worn them out or they are living in Italy.  Anyway I enjoy the pattern though as usually I'm having problems knitting such a dark yarn in the evenings.  And obviously couldn't take a decent photo of them to save my life.  

I always feel that the summer is over once the Tour finishes, this year may be different because really our proper summer will just be starting when we get to Italy.  We heard that the veggies we planted are doing well, the cats are still around and our Danish friends want us there by August when they have a lull in their usually busy social calendar.  Meantime I'm wearing my flipflops here in Ilkley, there's a lot to be said for this place.


  1. Glad you are able to wear your flipflops, I still have my wellies handy!! Good news about the cats, I bet you can't wait to see them again! Homegrown veg will be a bonus too!

  2. We've been in flip flops for quite some time now, and are loving it. Today we had rain - much needed - so the flip flops were a bit squishy.

  3. Ah flip flop season, that usually lasts just a few days for us in the UK! Lovely knitted pieces.