Thursday, 19 May 2016

Extra Energy, Extra Light and Extra Love

I thought I'd sorted Extra Energy by telling them that I was going to stop paying our direct debit and that they could disconnect a couple of pensioners for all I cared.  That seemed to work and we had confirmation that our monthly payment would be halved to £60 per month, bearing in mind we were already in credit for several hundred pounds.
While we were in Italy we received a revised invoice for the last 18 months, this included two winters and the total power we'd used was about £1,000.  On this basis they decided that despite still being in credit for £700 they would put our direct debit up to £95 per month, assuming that we would use more than twice as much gas and electricity in the coming year.  Yes that would be right.
I phoned them yesterday, once again ready to threaten to stop paying.  After passing me round a few times, at one stage being told that a lot of people there were new and didn't know what they were doing, I spoke to a really helpful and pleasant girl.  She put in place a refund of our credit and based on previous use recalculated our monthly payment and put it down to £71 per month, still probably a bit high but a great improvement.
I was actually a bit shocked to receive good service, finally, we had a confirmation email about the reduced payment almost immediately and should have a refund within 10 days.  As I said to the girl if all that happens it will be perfect, but why or why has it taken so long to get here.  
Meantime the doors and windows are being installed, it's not going quite as smoothly as expected but the newly formed opening was perfect, the guys are really pleasant and efficient and don't at all mind that Mr FF is edgy and keeps checking what they are doing.
Do you want a little look to be going on with, of course you do

My lovely neighbour came round yesterday with these beautiful flowers, so kind and cheering in an upside down penthouse full of dust and debris with plastering and finishing still to do.  I can't seem to stop smiling.


  1. In contrast to your trials, when Malcolm phoned up our oil supplier about the large credit we had built up, they promptly sent a refund and reduced our monthly payment - but that is a local firm, not a large impersonal one. Glad the work is finally progressing! Beautiful flowers - a kind thought from your neighbour.

  2. What a sweet neighbour!
    I love the view from those new windows.

  3. Good to hear it's all coming together. The new windows/doors look fab. And those views are stunning.

  4. Beautiful flowers and beautiful view! What more do you need? Ros x

  5. Glad you have finally got it all sorted out. Companies can be so difficult to deal with on the phone as you rarely get the same person twice. I have been having difficulties with broadband since returning from our cruise. The engineer finally came today but his shift ended before he had finished, so I am now in a queue again to have it finished. But the blue light is on at present, so I am answering all blogs.

  6. Hope this is the end of your Energy saga, you must be heartily sick of it. By now, I expect the windows are installed and you are enjoying the views over the moors!