Friday, 8 April 2016

Of course there is knitting

There is always knitting on the go but at the moment, so unlike me, I am flitting between projects.  Let me show you.
I found some 4 ply pure cotton in the charity shop £1 a ball and there is enough to knit myself another tunic which I have started.   I mentioned that the arm holes on the previous one were a little bit tight so currently I am decreasing on every 4th instead of every other row.  
I need to sit down and work out how the sleeves will fit in with this revision and when I can start decreasing more steeply.  
So while I ponder the geometry I have cast on a calmingly repetitive scarf using Berroco's Bittersweet pattern.  I had five balls of Hebrides pure wool 4 ply from The Isle of Harris Knitwear Co in my stash, 50g is going a long way so this could be something for Mr FF.  The 20 row pattern is quite manageable whilst watching tv and anything involving a cable needles pleases me.
I discovered this week that my LYS is having a sale, 30% of all yarn. The lady told me not to panic as the sale will be going on for a while but I couldn't stop myself buying a couple of 100g balls of West Yorkshire Spinners lovely sock yarn.  I've used this before in many shades so I was pleased to find these pretty soft tones and 200g might just be enough for three pairs of socks. 
At just over £5 a ball this is splendid value and I shall be back in the shop a few times before the sale is over, like later today and tomorrow and any other time they are open. The official line is that I need yarn to take to Italy for the summer, the truth is that last time I went out there with lots of yarn I was very surprised to see how much I already had in the house.  Stock control and remembering what I did a year ago are obviously not my strong points.


  1. I remember knitting beautiful cotton sweaters from a stash of cones of cotton we purchased years ago. They had great hand. I made Ganseys for the little grandchildren and those sweaters went through five children before they went off to charity.

  2. I so envy your knitting ability. I stood behind a lady in the Post Office the other morning and she had on the most beautiful poncho - which she had knitted herself.
    Do you ever use Wensleydale wool? We live about half a mile from the Wensleydale wool shop.

  3. The pattern for the tunic is very pretty. I hit a yarn sale this week as well. It is an addiction. The thing is, though, that I like to have the yarn at hand when the desire for a new project strikes me. Stock control? It is highly over rated!

  4. I think you are to be commended for your forward planning and excellent eye for a bargain!!

  5. Love that scarf, both the colour and the pattern. I thought yarn was immune to stock control measures, isn't it? ;-) Ros x

  6. Lovely knitting! Yes, stock/stash control can be difficult!