Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Beauty empties

I'm a fine one to tell anybody about beauty.  I do have a regime where I cleanse and moisturise twice a day and I take great pleasure in rubbing various body butters and creams into my arms and legs, particularly when I'm in Italy, but I have no brand loyalty whatsoever. Stick on a reduced or clearance label or attach a free gift product to the outside of a magazine and my purse is out.  
There are some wonderful blogs featuring monthly beauty empties that often amaze me by the quantity of products used.   I enjoy these very much but am rarely influenced by them except to get through more lotions and potions.   Today I give you my one and only beauty empty post.
Mr FF found this massive 250ml jar of face cream last Christmas (2014) in a charity shop for £1.99 and knowing that I will rub anything into my skin if the price is right he bought it.  I was a bit dubious but the jar was sealed and a quick google confirmed that it was genuine.  
It was absolutely fine, I haven't noticed any difference from any other product being of the persuasion that to see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles you only need poor lighting or to take your glasses off. However, the jar has just gone on and on, admittedly I was away for half the year while it languished on the bathroom shelf but it seemed to be never ending and I was totally sick of it. Not that surprising as it is the equivalent of 5 normal sized pots.

Finally I can see the bottom, the jar was large and cumbersome, quite utilitarian and I just wanted it to end though my Yorkshire heritage prevented me from not using every last smear  Its funny that a stash of yarn is delightful, you can smugly handle and admire the fibres, but a stash of toiletries has quite the opposite effect with me, just an irritation and since my local Boots is 10 minutes walk away I have no need at all to stockpile. I am often bored half way though products I don't particularly like, though I will be cutting the SBC gel bottle in half to get the final dregs out.  Something to be said for the No 7 cleanser that not only shows me clearly how much is left but is tamper proof, and yes I would buy these two products again in case you are wondering.


  1. Oh Jenny - this makes me feel quite ashamed. I am afraid that the nearest my face gets to beauty treatment is its daily contact with Imperial Leather Toilet Soap and the occasional face mask if I am going somewhere special.
    I do get through Neutrogena Hand cream, which I use on hands, heels and shins, at a real rate of knots though.

  2. Lol That's enormous for a jar! I must admit I much prefer buying several small bottles or pots rather than one huge Money saver simply because, like you, I become bored. Doesn't matter if it's body lotion of fabric softener. Ring in the changes!

  3. I'm addicted to hand creams as my hands are permanently dry and sore. I've yet to find anything that really works. In the meantime, I'm continuing with my testing!

  4. Thanks for your product reviews. I'm a sucker for all manner of lotions and potions but I'll be sticking to the ones I'm currently applying as a little boy referred to me as a girl so they're clearly working. And if the mister here ever comes home with wrinkle cream for me, he'll end up wearing it!

  5. I am hand cream only girl, and when I found original Jergens, I bought several bottles, to put on every sink I use, including children and dear friends. Smells just like my grandma's hands.