Tuesday 14 July 2015

In case you are wondering

Yes we are still in Italy though only for about 10 more days and next week will be all hell and no notion as we pack our personal items and prepare the house for renters before we drive back to Ilkley to get the motor repaired.
We don't seem to have done that much since we arrived in May, lunches and dinners with friends, a day on the beach, lots of gardening and preparation of an irrigation system to look after things while we are absent.  My youngest niece and her fiancĂ© came to stay for 6 days.  Our little cat Lisa is pregnant and may give birth while we are home.  The tomatoes are ready and delicious, likewise green beans.  The weather is mostly settled and mostly in the low 30s.  I am following the Tour de France on Rai Sport which can only be good for my language though the vocabulary will be a bit limited.  We are plagued by mosquitos, the worst we have ever known.  At the weekend around midnight the municipality sent round a vehicle that sprayed the roads with some killer chemical, we had to keep our windows closed.  The spray has made matters worse rather than better, it's possibly to swat about half a dozen at a time and the devils are here 24 hours a day.  Fortunately we don't react to the bites and never scratch them.
The freezer is broken and has been since we arrived, so we only get gelato when we go out and a G and T just doesn't hit the spot without ice.  Someone is supposed to be fixing it later this week, the third person to try, I do wonder why we didn't just buy a new one but we have a rather nice large steel fridge freezer that I'd be happy to keep.  We have a new sofa that complements the cream leather one nicely, expensive  Italian designer with Ikea cheap and cheerful seems to work.
So days of intense heat where we try to get things done early morning before resting in the shade. Lots of washing of sweaty clothes but no ironing, I cannot tackle that so the sheets get put back straight from the line and clothes are smoothed out to be worn.  Nights sitting out under the stars enjoying the cool.  It's all lovely but I am looking forward to being in Ilkley for a while and to having clean feet on a regular basis, flip flops for gardening are not a great idea.


  1. A bit of a mixed report! Please bring home some good weather (but perhaps not that hot!!) and I hope the freezer is fixed so that you can enjoy a proper G&T!!

  2. Actually, if Italy is too hot, Ilkley will be a pleasant change. Especially with ready ice.

  3. Enjoy your last few days in Italy. Hope your renters take better care of the place than the last lot did. Please keep up updated on any kitten news too!