Friday, 6 February 2015

February reductions

I really have been eating up the stash, socks, scarves, wash clothes, I've posted off gifts of finished items and put some yarn into the charity shop.  I have gone from a large wicker hamper and a wooden chest plus the bottom of the airing cupboard's worth of wool to just the first two containers that are now less than crammed full.  The fact we don't have an airing cupboard here might have been the incentive to move so much yarn.
However, I had a slight back when I sorted out some balls of New Lanark dk that I'd bought previously in packs of 10 x 50g balls direct from the mill which wasn't so far from where we lived.  I'd made Mr FF a couple of jumpers and had enough balls left over to knit another one. The yarn came in plastic bags, one of which had disappeared, with no ball bands or indication of dye lots and in my innocence I assumed they were all the same. 
I happily knitted away in front of the telly in the evenings and it wasn't until I was blocking the pieces in daylight that I realised there is a slight variation in colour. If I'd realised I could have made the sleeves in one shade the body in the other but in fact I have produced an interesting patchwork effect.   It's not that noticeable, I'm sure we will get away with it and Mr FF isn't in the slightest bit concerned he's just pleased to have another warm jumper.
I then had a downsizing set back this week when two of my local charity shops were selling books for 50p. I had been making good progress reading and returning my paperbacks but this price cut represents about 20 cm of shelf space and a couple of months of reading.  Great bargains in a good cause how could I not bring them home.


  1. I like the look of the jumper, Jenny, looks deliberate. Have read the Jodi Picoult and the JoJo Moyes books and both are great - the JoJo Moyes is a bit of a weepy, just to warn you!

  2. I agree, it would have been rude to not take advantage of such cut price reading. I admire your stash reduction, I do wish I was able to follow your shining example. I seem determined to boost the income of small businesses!! When are you off to Italy again?

  3. That Susan Howatch is a great read! Love the yarn used for Mr FF's sweaters. I'm sure mr Snoops would barely even notice a colour change ;-) Ros

  4. I like the jumper too, definitely a design feature! I got a small pile of books for Christmas/birthday but haven't delved into any yet!