Thursday 22 November 2012

Stock taking

I can accept that 
I've eaten the several bags of whole wheat museli I brought to Lazio in August and am reduced to cornflakes every morning
I have to ration my knitting wool, though I have ordered more to be delivered to my brother's in Yorkshire where we will stay for a couple of days en route to Scotland 
Supplies of my favourite toiletries are running low, already out of face wash and not much hand cream left
I'm devastated that we are practically out of Yorkshire Tea.  I just made a brew and I can see the bottom of the canister.  This is a disaster, every morning the first thing we do is make a large pot of tea, Mr FF takes his out onto the terrace to listen to the Today programme on radio 4 and I enjoy mine in bed whilst reading.  
So we plan to start the long drive home in about ten days, Mr FF has ordered the snow chains that are obligatory when driving through the Alps in winter.  For want of a tea bag the dream is over for another year.


  1. Oh no, you can't survive without tea!

  2. Hello Jenny
    You know what they say about 'all good things coming to an end' well it sounds like your summer and tea supply have timed their demise nicely.

    Note to (your)self: double or even triple quantity needed for next trip. Take enormous air tight container along as well!

  3. If you run out of tea next time, email me and I'll post some out to you! I was delighted on several occasions on our Australian holiday to find Scottish Breakfast tea on cafe menus!!

  4. I too would willingly send you some Yorkshire tea another time. It's the only tea we drink, and I always take it with me when I go travelling. So I quite understand your need to return! Safe travels.

  5. Have a good journey home (though the weather here is atrocious so you may just decide to restock then turn around and go back!).

  6. Hello. I'm a blog lurker, forner NYer, now living in southern Lazio. I think you left just in time--it has been raining on and off for at least 10 days now. Enjoy your tea!

  7. Hello. I'm a blog lurker, former NYer, now living in southern Lazio. I think you left just in time--it has been raining on and off for at least 10 days now (or maybe it just seems that long). Enjoy your tea!

  8. I'm missing you! Let us know the moment you arrive home. lvbj