Wednesday, 11 April 2012

That's a promise

Tuesday 10 April in Scotland
our garden
So sick of this weather, I was heard to tell Mr FF

'Next  Easter I'm going to be in Italy .....  and I'm having one of those giant chocolate eggs.' 

Hopefully it will be one of these beauties from our favourite bar in the village.
It's not snowing now, today we have torrential rain, thunder and lightning.


  1. I hope the weather looks up soon! It's chilly here, but about to warm up. I really hope I can pack away our winter coats soon!

  2. Can't count how many times I have got drenched by rain in the last few weeks ... since they imposed the hosepipe ban in these parts ! XCathy

  3. Easter in Italy sounds like an excellent idea to me. Hope you enjoyed a chocolate egg or two!

  4. Hello there! Just catching up after our fortnight away. It's been pretty dull and rainy where we've been in Yorkshire, but we've been out and about lots. Hope you savoured some chocolate egg!!!! Ros