Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas happy

Just a few festive things that make me happy in the midst of all the madnessMr FF decorated the outside tree without being asked
Our card from Amelia, the face is a print of her foot, the antlers her little fingers
My Christmas eco friendly washing up liquid, a gift from those lovely people at Method Mark Cavendish, my favourite Giro and Tour de France cyclist picked up the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award. I'd like to think it was my vote that decided it but he won by a huge majority, hurray for cycling.
We've been down to Yorkshire to deliver presents and spent some time with family, the wrapping and writing are done, the halls are decked as much as they're going to be and now it's time to relax, I have lots of yarn and a roaring fire, what more do I need.

Have a wonderful peaceful Christmas


  1. I am in total agreement with your sentiments about Mark Cavendish, he made such an effort this year, bless him.

    Have a heavenly Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  2. Amelia's card is just genius, love it.

  3. Love Amelia's card! Inspired!

    You and Mr FF have a great christmas and New Year.


  4. I love the Reindeer cute!