Tuesday 25 October 2011

I was knitting honest

Despite taking enough yarn to open a shop with me to Italy I did very little knitting, even during the three days of travelling I hardly picked up the double pins. So it is embarrassing to admit that during the 10 weeks we were away I produced only these, three pairs of socks, the top two in patterns I have used before the lower is new to me Hedgerow by Jane Cochran. This pattern was very pleasing, easy to memorise and I particularly like the way the rib continues down the heel. I'm putting the variation of colour in the photographs down to the fact one was taken in Italy one in Scotland.Since being home I've made another little wrap cardigan, this one to take back to Lazio for Giulia, new daughter of Angelo and Francesca. It's knitted in an Opal sock yarn white with flecks of colour.
Since I left the massive stock of yarn in our house in Italy along with my favourite KnitPro needles and as I'm only taking out one pair of socks when we fly back tomorrow there is a big incentive to make more for the drive home which may not be till the end of November. Who knows what the weather will be like then.


  1. The hedgerow design is great - reminds me of some childhood socks my Grandma knitted me - very comfy.

    Wishing you a safe journey back to Italy :) xx

  2. I love the little wrap cardigan and the socks. Have a safe journey!

  3. I've just returned from Greece with lots of unknit yarn too! I like to have choice while I'm away!! I like the Hedgerow sock pattern too.

  4. Some gorgeous socks. Might have to try the Hedgerow pattern. Ros