Sunday 3 January 2010

First of the year

03 January 2010 and how has the year been for you so far, for us extremely lazy apart from Mr FF's daily routine of shifting snow then watching more come down. I don't think we've ever known such a long period of winter weather in the 21 years we've lived in Scotland and there may be more to come. Our little road is impassable but luckily we stocked up on provisions when we drove home from Yorkshire, the milkman has managed to walk in and we are fine. We've spent many lazy days reading, watching old films, crafting and dozing, its perfect, almost hibernation.
I wanted to show you a few of my craft related Christmas gifts, firstly this knitting calendar that has over 100 lovely usable patterns, gloves, scarves, baby clothes, so many that I want to make. And a book of simple crochet patterns, will this be the year I eventually learn. I really do want to be able to crochet but I think I'd be better having someone to teach me in the old 'sit by nellie' way so I might look into classes once the winter is over.
These lovely patchwork bags that came from a friend in Taiwan who took early retirement last year and enrolled for a course. I am amazed at the quality of her work (and slightly embarrassed at my own poor patchwork efforts). For now I'm knitting socks, I started a pair to knit in the car and enjoyed them so much I started another. Uninspired but so relaxing, I could tell myself I've started my 2010 Christmas crafting early, that'll be right.


  1. Hi Jenny....Happy New wishes hunny!
    I love your icicle photo!
    I so wished we lived closer I'm setting up crochet classes next month and I'd love to teach you! be patient with it some people find it harder than knitting but I think it's easier certainly knits up quicker. Let me know how it's going and email if your stuck I may be able to offer some help??
    good luck with your new's to happy smiles in 2010 hun!
    Hugs Karen x x x

  2. I just love the icicles photo too. We so rarely see them down here in Norfolk these days, although I did post a photo of some taken just before Christmas. They always remind me of the outside loos at my primary school. Obviously something deep and meaningful going on there :) Good luck with the crochet. My aim is to do more this year too! Have just bought yarn to try and crochet a ripple blanket for my grand-daughter to be. Keep warm and cosy! Ros

  3. Thank goodness you have a stash of crafting supplies - You knew they would come in handy one day didnt you! xxx

  4. We are so prepared for snow where we live so we never get snowed in even though we are very isolated. We have snow blowers and ploughs and there's never an excuse to not go anywhere. The exception is ice. Freezing rain or a freeze and thaw
    I envy you being snowed in. I would love to be..

  5. Wow! You really look snowed in!!
    Lucky the snow plow can still get out and down your street!
    I especially like the snow measurement on your patio table from post to post!
    Keep warm!

  6. Hope you find the Erika Knight book helpful... there are so many books out there for the novice crocheter,but I think this is one of the best ones. Look forward to seeing photos of crochet work in progress!!

  7. Fabulous icicles - they're fabulous! I can only dream of seeing something so amazing in London!

    Enjoy hibernating and crafting! Such a nice way to spend a few winter days! x

  8. I'm doing much the same, we haven't had nearly as much snow as you but it is icy and slippy round here; not worth breaking any bones to get out if one doesn't need to go anywhere. Enjoy your restful time :-)

  9. Happy New Year!

    The icicles are very impressive and you've certainly had a lot of snow. I don't see a snowman yet in your garden - too busy with the indoor crafts I presume.

    I love the cardigan you knitted Amelia in your last post. She's a beautiful baby and will look lovely in it I'm sure.


  10. I had to go on a day course to learn to crochet (last November). I had tried over and over down the years to teach myself. I am doing okay at it now..... Not brilliant, but managing....... :O) x

  11. crochet is MUCH easier than Knit. I've been a hooker for over 30 years. I finally gave up trying to knit, my hands just refuse to do it. You'll learn crochet in a snap. Just remember though, crochet is not knit. and i think one problem knitters and crochet'ers run into when attempting to learn the other craft is that they try to go at it with the knowledge they already have for their own craft. crochet does not look, feel, nor behave like knit. Try the book, "Crochet for Dummies" i've heard it's an excelent resource. I've also heard that "teach yourself visual crocheting" is also really good for beginners.

  12. Hi, Jenny! Happy New Year! We're just back from our trip and catching up with you here... Feeling jet-lagged and heart-fuzzy after a sweet Christmas, good to be home and back in blogland. Very much enjoying checking in with your holiday postings. We come home to much snow and cold too--about 28 inches/70 cm and -17 C! Love photos and you've got lots of goodies happening already here. Looking forward to sharing another creative year with you. Wishing you & yours all the very best of love, peace & joy in 2010! :o) ((HUGS))

  13. Oh my goodness that is tons of snow.... loved your post - thank you ! Brilliant pictures and really well written.

  14. Yikes that's a lot of snow! Much more than we have, lovely photos too. Now you have no excuse not to be crafty, what else are you going to do??? Hope you have a great year, looking forward to more from you!