Thursday, 3 December 2009

Into the fray

I knew I meant business yesterday when I went into Edinburgh Christmas shopping as the festive shopping bag came out. Its one from last year's Cath Kidston at Tesco selection, such a pity they aren't doing them again as they were inexpensive, in a good cause and so pretty. I didn't have that much left to buy but I needed a wander round looking for ideas and thinking I might go back for items if I didn't find anything better.
The shops were manageably busy but far too festive for my liking. Each year we hear the same old Christmas music that spins round my head and is still playing today, it must drive the shop assistants insane. Edinburgh looked very jolly with lots of lights, trees, the big wheel, ice rink and a rather seedy Christmas market that mainly seemed to be selling chips.
This is a little indulgence for Amelia, a sleep suit from Cath Kidston. Amelia's Dad is football crazy so he should approve and if Amelia thinks its a bit too manly for her she can soften the effect with some pretty accessories, her ballet top for example, be a good dressing up exercise for her and never too soon to start experimenting.
I did have a serious senior moment in town, I forgot the pin number for my credit card when making my very first purchase. My mind went a complete blank, the more I thought the less sure I was. I had to stop after two tries and resort to my debit card, otherwise if I'd got the number wrong again my card would have been stopped and useless for a couple of weeks till a new pin was issued, not the time of year for that to happen. I felt so stupid but maybe it was natures way of curbing my spending, it certainly worked and I luckily found the number written down when I got home. I had the right figures in my head just in the wrong order, I blame interference from those festive tunes.


  1. Hate those senior moments... I find I put the pin number in, am just about to press, and then the doubts creep in.... don't know if that's worse than forgetting it altogether or not!

  2. The older I get the worse I get. There's no doubt that age is taking it's toll!

  3. Same happens to me to. It happened in John Lewis about a year or so ago and now, everytime I put my card in the machine in that particular store, a whole flood of doubts comes washing into my head. Good job really, because I deinitely spend too much in the yarn department. Love the little sleepsuit for Amelia. It's very sweet. Have a good weekend. Ros

  4. love the bag from tesco i wish they would bring them back too, they were such a bargin and so pretty!
    Great pictures!

  5. I really like the festive shopping bag. You sound like you're pretty organised already for Christmas. I haven't ventured out to the shops much yet.

  6. I have had my fair share of "senior's moment", as the exact same thing has happened to me on several occasions......
    Once i had to go and reset the pin because i couldnt for the life of me remember, lol.
    I am also bad for names...............
    P.s I havent even begun the Xmas trade........this week!!
    Also thankyou for All your lovely comments, they always put a smile on my face.x

  7. This sleepsuit is lovely. It reminded me of when my girls where babies, I was always looking for nice things like this one.
    About the shopping, I wish I could go with you.

  8. So nice to hear from you.
    I am finding that sometimes I confuse one card for another. I can't keep them straight!
    I bought some lovely bags while on Vacation this last month in France to use as gift wrap for Christmas. They were so lovely, I had to plan what I would use them for so that I had a good enough excuse to purchase them.
    Happy ScottishChristmas and New Years!

  9. Oh, my I can relate too... and I'm only 36, but already having "senior moments"--LOL! LOVE anything Cath Kidston! Such sweet treats of the bag and sleepy-suit... Trying to get the holiday shopping and cards done too this week. I feel so behind this year...LOL! Happy Week, Jenny :o) ((HUGS))

  10. I start sentences and can't remember what I'm talking about...and I'm 27!

    I too love the bag! x

  11. Amazon.... it's my savior! Two packages are already winging their way to my door as I type. I hate the constant music too, drives me insane, never mind the shop assistants!