Friday, 11 December 2009


The garden looked beautiful this morning, all frosted with the sun shining, gorgeous but very cold. The birds are busy at the feeders, I've given them an extra fat ball and some apples to peck, I enjoyed sitting in front of the stove watching them fill up before it gets dark.
All my Christmas mail has been posted, cards, calendars and some gifts, the rest to be delivered by hand are wrapped and ready so I feel a bit more relaxed though I have no idea when we will get down to Yorkshire as we are committed both weekends before Christmas. Just Mr FF to shop for now and as you know we limit ourselves to a £5 Christmas stocking of little gifts, which requires some hard work and a lot of imagination. There has been a call to increase the budget this year but I think since we are still officially in recession we should keep the figure the same.
Its a pity that food and drink are not allowed in our stockings, I could pack Mr FF's stocking with fruit scones, I just made a batch. Have a cosy weekend.


  1. frosty and cold! It's been like that here too! The air is so sharp it's hard to breathe when out of doors! Oh, but those scones look moreish, Jenny... They would make an ideal stocking stuffer, oh yes! ;o) I feel so behind on all things Christmas-related. Getting ready for a trip and make ready for Christmas has been a big challenge this year...but worth it--LOL! Happy Weekend, my friend... Keep warm! ((HUGS))

  2. Yummy! Those fruit scones certainly look good. We've not had a frosty morning yet this year. I must admit, I love those cold , sparkly frosty starts. You're well ahead with all your Christmas preparations. WEll done! I'm getting there bit by bit. Have a good weekend. Ros

  3. It looks chilly. And the scones look very good.

  4. Those scones look delicious! When will you start sharing some recipes??? I am a transplant to Canada from England and I've never found the food here to be as good as the Brit food..

  5. Be a love and butter me one of those scones will you - they look so tasty!! Very prettily frosty here too. xxx

  6. Just stumbled across your blog today....

    Burrr is right! But I'd have to agree those scones look amazing! *Cheers*

    Happy Holidays. :)

  7. every blog i turn to today has a yummy looking picture of something delicious. i would love to taste those fruity scones with oodles of butter right now.

  8. The frost, blue sky and sun look very inviting after all those grey skies and rain but you forget how cold it also is. We have had some wonderful sunsets at the end of very short days.

  9. Hi Jenny,
    Even though we are very warm here, you made my toes tingle at the thought of the cold, but i can imagine the peacefulness of it all, Though im not ready to give up the warmth just yet.
    I am slowly getting organised,Hopefully tomorrow should see me Ready like you, then bring on the man in the red suit,lol.
    Mmmmmm ur scones look delicious, lucky Mr FF..
    Put the kettle on..
    Do you get Snow where you are???
    Hope ur Xmas is happy and Safe..
    Tracey x

  10. We had our first frosty morning yesterday. Brrrrrrrrrr! Love the idea of a £5 stocking. Great fun! I think edibles should be allowed!

  11. Still cold here and I hear we can expect snow.......but it better than rain and gales. You sound very prepared and organised for Christmas, I wish i was!