Friday, 3 July 2009

Lazy hazy crazy days of summer

Wow its been hot here, some days the horrible harr (a sea mist) has come in from the coast more than 20 miles away but mostly we've had brilliant sun and a couple of short sharp showers that have settled the dust and cleared the air. Perfect flip flop weather for me though it has made me very lazy, even more than usual.
Its a year now since I finished work, a mite quicker than I expected when I was immediately put on gardening leave, but no regrets. I'm amazed how quickly the time has gone and apart from making great progress with the garden, how little I've done. I thought I would have read much more, the average has stayed the same, I started a piece of patchwork that is still in the early stages, I thought I would learn to crochet I haven't and I don't think I'm knitting any more than I did. I am however relaxed beyond recognition, am currently sleeping really well, haven't had a migraine for over a year and don't miss the old job one bit. This morning I woke just after 6, opened the curtains and the french doors to beautiful weather, made tea and read for a while, then went back to sleep until around 9, bliss. We've been eating all our meals outside, quick easy food like salad or pasta, and I can't keep Mr FF off the swing seat that he declared would be nothing but a nuisance, having to bring the cushions in every night and moving the damned thing to mow the lawn.
Best of all the strawberries are ready. It's the first year this has happened when Wimbledon is on, generally we see everyone tucking into their expensive little dishes while we are still waiting. I'm picking a bowl full every day with plenty more to come and they taste delicious. We are going to Yorkshire this weekend, to stay with my brother and his family and help out with the gardens open in the village. Family, gardens, home baked teas, Yorkshire, I can't wait. Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Your meals outdoors look delicious, Jenny...mmm...Glad you are making the most of your days now you are retired. Your weekend ahead sounds so much fun--enjoy! :o) Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

  2. Hello there! Hope you had a really good weekend in Yorkshire. Your new relaxed lifestyle sounds just perfect. I'm just hanging in until the end of week and four days to go. Can't wait! Enjoy the week ahead!

  3. i spent many happy summer breaks in yorkshire, many years ago. enjoy your break!

  4. After a lifetime of working hard, you deserve every moment's relaxation you've enjoyed over the last year and more besides.