Saturday 16 May 2009

Further outside the house

Have you had enough of the west coast yet, maybe I could just show you where we went on our jaunts?
The Ardnamurchan Peninsular is a rugged stretch of land served by a single track road that runs for about 25 miles to the lighthouse, designed by Alan Stevenson, relative of Robert Louis and built in 1849. I'm told the sail round the point is quite tricky so its reassuring to know that the lighthouse and fog horn though now operating automatically still ensure the safety of passing ships
On Sunday afternoon we drove in the opposite direction towards Mallaig where the ferry leaves for Skye and other islands. The road mainly follows the coast and there are some gorgeous white sandy beaches plus of course more stunning views.We stopped the car at this one, had a wander and I collected a few shells.And thank you all for asking, my shoulder is much better and once again I can dress myself. Helen kindly contacted her physiotherapist relative who suggested I should try to start moving and straightening my arm with a couple of gentle exercises. These have made a big difference, I am sleeping better and the debilitating pain has turned to an ache. I am so pleased with the progress I've made so far particularly since information on the internet suggests that healing can take at least a year, must have been the sea air. I have physio treatment at my own doctors on Wednesday and on Thursday we are leaving for another trip so its just as well I'm feeling much better. Can you guess where we are going, think pasta, think lycra, think Lance Armstrong.


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. It's stopped raining and been quite warm this past week, at least here in my part of the boot. Have a great trip and do let me know if you'll be anywhere near Rome...

  2. Love your photo's, they are so beautiful and i am glad your shoulder is healing.........

  3. Love these breathtaking views, Jenny! :o) So glad you are doing better...and in shape for your next trip...Me thinks Italy is the destination?! Many thanks for the good wishes as we are off on our own trip tomorrow...and many thanks too for your condolences as we grieve loss of a loved one. You words and care were so much appreciated. ((HUGS))

  4. Gosh, that coastline looks awesome and inviting. Great images, thanks for sharing them!