Sunday, 19 April 2009

Busy Bee

I've been busy as ever in the garden, its looking good with plenty of colour, pretty spring plants and buds opening everywhere. There actually is a bee on the flowering currant in the first photograph.
Mr FF was busy with the lawn, he spent many hours on Saturday raking out the old thatch and moss then put down some organic fertilizer, which unfortunately smells quite strongly of chicken poo. OK for him, he went off this morning to climb 3 munroes (Scottish hills over 3000 feet high). He sent me this photograph from the last top, where he met this handsome dog who might actually appreciate our strong smelling garden more than I did today, our cats certainly used to love the manure and enjoyed a good roll about it in.
When I wasn't working in the garden last week I did a proper days work. I was at Edinburgh University invigilating for a 7 hour exam. I had to do a bit of preparation during the week and sit in with the candidates all day Friday. The exam itself was quite intense, no speaking whatsoever, even during the half hour break when we all ate our packed lunches together in the exam room. I was worried that I'd be bored sitting there and took about 4 books with me, plus some sock knitting though Mr FF didn't think that would be appropriate. In fact the time went really quickly, I read about half a book and spent the rest of my time watching the candidates working away. Getting up before 7 to shower, dress and eat before rushing out was quite a novelty, something I hadn't done since last July and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but I think I might wait another 9 months before I work again, that seems about the right work life balance for me.


  1. SMILE! Your post made me do just that. I am a teacher and on the eve of returning to work after a two week break, I am thinking HOW will I be up, showered etc and in school by 8am? I only have a few more years before retirement, and although I love my job, I can't wait to not have enough hours in a day to do all the things I love to do, but that don't demand deadlines and pressure. Lovely photos by the way! I wish were as green fingered.

  2. Your exam and long day had me hat off to you for doing that! Mr FF's view at the top is splendid...And so are your flowers! Those white primula are gorgeous...I love white flowers! Happy week ahead :o) ((HUGS))

  3. Thanks for stopping over at my place and taking the time to leave a comment.

    I love all of your spring flowers. I just barely have tulip leaves poking up. Plus - there are still piles of snow in some spots. Luckily it is raining today, so I am hoping for May flowers.

  4. Your garden pictures are lovely. It's so nice at the moment with new things blooming every day, a surprise almost each morning. Glad you saw some blue sky too!

  5. I like the sound of your work life balance. I think you've struck just the right amount time between each bout of work ;-))