Saturday, 2 August 2008

First of the month

I had intended to post this yesterday but I had so much else to tell you that it had to be delayed. Amy kept this Homes and Antiques calendar beside her desk at work, it was her pride and joy and we were never allowed to turn the page to see the next beautiful picture until the first day of that month, never ever Amy said it would bring bad luck. When I was put on gardening leave Amy had secretly taken down the calendar and put it into my bag as a gift. I didn't notice for a while and when I did said that I couldn't possibly take it, but she insisted so I had to promise never ever etc etc and I haven't, honestly. I'm sharing August's photograph so we can all see it, especially Amy, thank you sweetheart I know how much you loved this calendar.

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  1. Great news, how exciting, the house looks amazing, I am so jealous. You are becoming the property tycoon!! Love reading your blog. you are an excellent writer, can't wait for your first book! Glad you had a great send off from the people who count. Sad that I was not there!

    Oscar is at an acting class this morning and loving it! Enjoy Italy!