Sunday, 9 December 2007

Strictly Shepherds Pie

Pam and Andrew came round on Saturday night for supper, to see our holiday photographs and to watch Strictly Come Dancing. There is nothing nicer than watching Strictly with a girl friend having firstly sworn the boys to silence apart from relevant questions or comments. A good rant about the dancing, frocks, judges etc makes for a perfect evening. I made a shepherds pie so I didn't have the leave the viewing and we could launch into it as soon as the programme finished.

I love Strictly and I love those who love it too. I email people I work with, clients and suppliers, about the results, chat to my colleagues and even had a discussion in the hairdressers the other week. I fantasise about being one the the professional dancers, though I can't decide if I'd be Flavia or Lilia. As Falvia I'd be able to brush up my (lapsed intermediate level) Italian with the gorgeous Vincent and he'd lead and lift me through smouldering tangos. Admittedly I'd need to lose a bit of weight but obviously I would. If I were Lilia I'd be married to the adorable Darren and I'd have partnered my favourite ever Strictly competitor Darren Gough, and again got thrown around a bit during the fabulous Night to Remember routine (are you noticing a theme here?). The year Darren won we had been invited out to dinner on final nights and our friends Roger and Christine kindly arranged the meal to suit the programme timings even though they weren't fans. This was in the days when the result were announced later the same evening, we took puddings and coffee in front to the telly and all cheered when Darren won. I'm not so fond of waiting a day to know the results, but it does mean we see more of the wonderful professional dancers.

And who do I want to win this year? GETHIN. Alesha is the obvious favourite but I feel she had such an advantage coming from a musical background and some of those celebrity boys have made such progress. Kenny Logan admitted he couldn't even clap to the beat when he started and look at the improvement he made. I had to watch the lift from Dirty Dancing several times (OK I'll stop this now). Whoever wins it will have been a fabulous series as ever and made a retiring woman very happy. Come January I shall be bereft.

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  1. Hurray for SCD! It is indeed the best thing on TV and makes for a perfect evening's entertainment. I had been supporting Matt but he had a bit of a disastrous time this week so am not sure now where my allegiance lies. Should be a good remaining couple of weeks though, whatever happens.

    And what a fantastic Argentine Tango by Vincent & Flavia this evening - so intricate and passionate. And being an acquaintance of Vincent's myself, I can vouch for how very handsome he is :o)

    Little Miss Sunshine xx