Saturday, 6 October 2007


I've started the pure alpaca I bought last week hoping to make a pair of comforting slouchy socks for myself. I used the standard Opal 60 stitches pattern and added a bit of faux cable but they seem to have knitted up quite small, should have done a swatch and realised the cable would tighten the knitting. I can get my foot into them with a bit of wriggling and maybe they will loosen up. I'll finish the first one tonight while I watch the welcome return of Strictly Come Dancing.

The yarn is incredibly soft but quite easy to split and knits a little uneven. Are you getting the impression I'm not 100% about it, well maybe I am a bit disappointed considering the cost. I do have other yarn that is 30% alpaca 70% merino so this could be a better option for me and some small footed person will get these for Christmas, which will mean that at least I have made a start on knitting Christmas presents.

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