Saturday, 8 September 2007

And in the morning when the sun comes up ..

he brings me coffee in my favourite cup, which at the moment is this one. Actually a pair of them came home with Mr Flip Flops after he'd been on a trip up north. They are hand painted in the Highlands, from Tain Pottery, and I'd been hankering after some for ages so they were a lovely surprise. They are used regularly at the weekends when we have time to get out the Bialetti stove top coffee maker, brew some good strong Italian coffee, froth some milk and enjoy a leisurely breakfast with the papers.

Weekdays the breakfast beverage is tea in a bone china mug and anytime we need an espresso we have these little sweeties.


  1. Hello, I just wanted to let you know how much I love your cups - ahem. I've just shown them to Mr Germintrude (what with my birthday on the horizon...) and he likes the Tain ones best, but I'm torn... I'd like both please!

    It's strange how these little things can make you happy, isn't it? Mr G recently broke an Emma Brigewater mug and though I wasn't annoyed (it's just a mug) I do *miss* drinking from it. I decided to paint my own replacement, which I'll need to photograph for you.

    (Having trouble with my log in!)

    Germintude x

  2. I've recently become a bit obsessed with nice pottery pieces and love both these sets of mugs. On my recent holiday to the West Coast of Scotland, I visited several potteries and was really taken by some ridiculously expensive teapots, vases, mugs and lasagne dishes, particularly the lovely colours and patterns used in the designs of Argyll Pottery ( However I did manage to resist temptation...

    I attended a 10-week course of pottery classes about a year ago and couldn't manage to form anything nearly as nice as these. As I type now, in fact, I'm staring at a very misshapen pen pot on my desk (originally designed to be an elegant vase...) so can really appreciate the skill which goes into creating such lovely pieces as your Tain mug.

    Happy drinking!

    Little Miss Sunshine x