Thursday, 5 February 2009

Wanted man

First of all Mr FF told me not to blog this but he's away for a couple of days so I am.
At the beginning of this year he received a letter from the car hire company we use in Italy enclosing a notice from the Italian police. Apparently he had driven through a red light in Fasano, Puglia last August and the police had traced the car to Avis who had passed our name and address back to them. The notice was dated early December and said that they would be contacting us to claim the 150 euro in fine, which is quite steep now the exchange rate has gone through the roof. Mr FF checked the date, time and the location to be sure he was the culprit, he was definitely there. So far we haven't heard anything, not surprising. I suppose we still may though we are hoping that the police will take the view that we were holiday makers in a strange town, easily confused and dazzled by the sunlight.
We mentioned this to our friend Franco in Rome who said he'd be happy to take up our case, not that we really have a case to plead. In the post the other day we received a lovely parcel from Italy, it contained nine packets of sweets with a note saying it was from the Fasano Police with apologies, it was of course from Franco. I intend to reciprocate with some Scottish cheeses and ask him to pass them on to the police for us.


  1. Haha, nothing like a bit of southern European corruption!

  2. I like the sound of the 'police'. Sensible, lovely chaps :-))))

  3. Sounds a bit like South Africa - glad you had a happy ending!