Saturday, 21 February 2009

Spring may be sprung

This week I've had two really bright sunny days in the garden and two not bad at all days. Now the snow had gone its fascinating to see what was happening under the big white blanket, lots of new growth and no damage at all. There's a real spring feeling about though I 'm conscious it could be a false start, we've some way to go yet especially here in Scotland.
On the days when I couldn't work outside I've been in the greenhouse. I washed down all the glass inside, a horrible job that involves clambering about under the staging and removing a lot of green slime but really worthwhile as the more light I can get in there the better, its the lengthening days that encourage new growth.
I got out the heated propagator and I've started off my sweet peas and a selection of tomatoes
I try to buy my tomato seeds in Italy, always a good choice and if they don't know about the pomodoro who does. I got these at the end of last session, they are still viable for this year and the ones from the Co-op were both organic and in the bargain bucket.
I picked up a couple of other interesting packets that I'll sow a bit later.
I've had such a great gardening week and made a big difference to what I see from the windows of the house. This is my first spring as a retired woman and I'm loving it.


  1. You're soooo lucky! I love gardening, I've probably dug up half the gardens in England considering all the times I've moved house. Things grow a lot better there than they do here, I will miss that. My new balcony faces North-East, so not much sun for the tomatoes.. But I'll think of something. Rocket, perhaps? In boxes? Any suggestions?

    And I love the snowdrops.. Spring is coming! Yay!

  2. Update *fanfare* - I went for a walk with a friend this morning and we found snowdrops! Naturally, I've provided photographic evidence. Hurrah!