Monday, 2 February 2009

February finished article

I used the left over wool from Phoebe's jumper to make this little top. I actually found it quite a stressful knit as I wasn't sure once I got started if I'd have enough yarn. When this happens to me I tend to knit really quickly in the hope that I'll finish before the wool does. In the end I found some other machine washable pure wool that makes a nice contrast, I'm happy with the result and there was a small amount of yarn left over.
The pattern is from this 1980s book that was in my £5 Christmas stocking from Mr FF. I didn't write about our gift exchange this year because I didn't do too well on the shopping front and didn't think that the tube of superglue and Sainsbury's bag for life that were in my stocking actually constituted gifts. Anyone who knows me is aware that I already have three of the Tesco Cath Kidston bags, though I admit the Sainsbury's one lives in the car and has proved useful and capacious.
I'm knitting again today, Pam's daughter had a little girl at the weekend and I found some suitably pink wool in the stash. Nothing else to do as we await the exceptional snow event that is forecast for later this evening. We already have some snow here but I've got fuel in for the stove, cleared the drive and fed the birds, I just hope we don't get a power cut as so often happens in this weather.


  1. Ah, is that like when you run up a steep hill faster cause you are feeling increasingly tired and you just want it overwith? J does that a lot when we are out running.. Seems to have worked! Very cute top too. I am almost done with my little project on which I have dutifully worked during almost all my maths classed this week.. Hopefully this won't kill me ahead of my exams. In the instructions it says that the edging is to be "sewn into place while working", ie. while being knitted separately, I'm guessing. I have no idea what that means, and neither does my knitting friend! Help! Here is a link to a photo of the pattern if that helps. It's the bolero on the cover of
    Baby Cashmerino 2. My friend's baby will thank you forever if you can assist!

  2. The vest looks great.

    Also, sorry for the delay in getting back to you re. the Opal yarn. If you still want it, postage would be 66p 2nd class or 78p 1st class, plus the £3 for the yarn. You can paypal me to