Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Knitting now

This is Trillium by Erika Knight from the new Rowan Magazine, number 45. I'd been thinking for a while I needed to start a bigger project and something for myself. I liked this pattern as soon as I saw it, quite Katherine Hepburn I thought and great to wear in summer with wide legged trousers though not necessarily whilst dragging The African Queen through the swamp. Mr FF might like that, its his favourite film ever. The instructions call for Rowan Fine Milk Cotton, but I had a bag of unidentified yarn in the stash that looks like mercerised cotton but could just as well be something man made. Its knitting up nicely but for some reason I wish I was knitting socks.

Speaking of which does anyone else wind their skeins using their feet, obviously my feet are normally further apart to hold the yarn tight, I couldn't get far enough away to fit them into the photograph without moving them closer.


  1. bj from Red Bird Ranch18 February 2009 at 19:30

    Yes, they are my current "tools" for now, but Oh! how I have been coveting and dreaming about a ball winder and swift. Thank you for reminding me ..with a chuckle.. that feet work quite well as stand-ins for the yarn swift until the pocketbook says yes to the knitter's paraphernalia. [The 'sock thoughts' are probably coming from looking at those lovely creations on your feet!]

  2. Wow, that sweater is really nice!! I can see you doing a real 40s filmstar thing with high waisted trousers and the whole packet. I've just started some wrist warmers... One day I'll knit an adult size sweater though.

  3. That is a lovely style sweater and will look amazing when it's finished.

    I love the feet winding! I've never tried it, but I think my nan did it using the back of a chair?

  4. Can you make it? I'm amazed, I know I couldn't.
    It's very nice.


  5. I used to do feet-winding too, before I caved and invested in a swift and ball winder.