Friday, 6 February 2009

Just quickly

I know another snow post, we are all at it, but I just wanted to show you the view this morning from the kitchen window. Who's a lucky girl.
And while I'm here I'll show you what I've knitted for Pam's granddaughter, Fearne Isla. Now I can't decide whether to knit more little things to use up my scraps or start a bigger summer project from the new Rowan magazine, I'll let you know.
That's all, enjoy your weekend.


  1. Such beautiful things. I wish I was that gifted.


  2. Isn't Fearn a lucky girl then. She will have to attend ballet classes very soon to do justice to the cardigan which is beautiful. We are hoping that her delicate head will fit into the hat ok - our family is well known for its large heads (and brains obviously). Jen has offered to knit a larger size should this be a problem.

  3. hello Jenny, Thanks for popping by my blog. The weather here continues to be snowy and cold but we're all having a great time. Not sure how long we will feel like this though!! Lucyxx

  4. We also have snow here! The view from my flat across the seaside and mountains is so pretty it is difficult to concentrate on studying. Something about snow makes it impossible to be in a bad mood!

    Love the knitting as well. Very nice colors.

  5. Did you do the ballet cardigan from a pattern? Does it come in adult sizes?

    I must confess the kid in me went "me, me,me!!!" when I saw it. Love to do a wrap cardie like that using something from my vast stash.

  6. Just beautiful. Especially love the color of the wrap cardigan. Very talented indeed! And I thought all you could knit were socks :).

  7. Everyone has taken great snow photos excpet for camera took exception to something or other and it looks like I have my fingers all over the lense....oh well in another 20 years or so I may get the chance to take a few more...

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog....I can't find an email for you so must leave you a message long as no one thinks it's a tweet;-)