Friday, 7 December 2007

Timing is everything

I carried out a review of the Christmas bulbs today, its a fine art having them flower just when you want them. The white hyacinths look fine, perfect poised. I cannot take the credit for this as they were a lovely birthday gift from Helen, but I have kept them cool in the conservatory for the last few weeks to hold them back. The first bud on my amaryllis is just about to burst open but no colour is showing yet and there is another bud to follow so I'm fairly confident of a good display around 25.12. Its just the paperwhites that are causing concern. They've been living in the greenhouse and have just romped away, already one is in flower. It would be logical to bring them into the house now and enjoy their fabulous perfume but I keep hoping the others will hold off a big longer. Paperwhites, paperwaits would have been better.

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