Sunday, 16 December 2007

Feeling Smug/Feeling Humbug

Ho ho ho. All the presents for family and friends in Yorkshire are wrapped and ready to go. Mr FF is travelling down south tomorrow on business and will visit my cousins and brother dropping off various packages just like Santa but in a corporate Vauxhall Vectra. Its nice to know all that is done, now just need to concentrate on us. We have a rule that neither spends more than £5 to produce a Christmas stocking for the other (gifts to exclude food or drink, here we don't impose a limit and purchase festive fayre together). Quite a challenge, involving trips to second hand/charity shops and plenty of imagination, but its always fun on Christmas morning opening a bottle of fizzy and the quirky presents.

We are not great ones for decking the halls, but we have put white lights outside on the Korean pine at the front of the house, the tree is well covered by blue/black cones again this year and looks really welcoming. I've also put the wreath up beside the front door so to the outside world at least we look festive. On the inside all you can hear is bah humbug!And now even after that brilliant Argentine tango the lovely Gethin is out of Strictly, I am devastated, I'm not voting any more.

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