Friday, 21 December 2007

Cath at Christmas

It was our admin team awayday morning and office Christmas lunch yesterday, but thats enough about that. We had the usual £5 secret santa after lunch and this year I was lucky enough to be selected by a person of great taste and sensitivity. Here is my giftCath Kidston tissues, Cath Kidston lip salve and pink knitting needles. I don't think the needles are Cath Kidston, but they could easily be if Cath sold such things and they match the colour scheme pefectly. The whole gift made me very happy and I can guess who it was from, the only person at the lunch wearing a Cath Kidston dress - thank you Amy.
Fortunately I drew Joanne, my faithful reader, as my recipient and since the clues she had given were green and size 5 feet, I got my needles in action and made her these

Just one more Christmas gift to knit, Mr FF is out this evening so I shall get down to some serious work. Meantime I'm doing my domestic duties and adding bit of festivity to the house. No need to do much as the scene outside is so beautiful, bright sunshine and everything covered in white frost, I can almost hear those sleighbells.

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