Friday, 23 November 2007

Under the weather

Its been a dull old week weather and activity wise. I have given myself a huge list of items to knit for Christmas and am making precious little progress. Last Sunday Mr FF went off walking and I decided to stay at home because I thought it was going to rain all day, of course it didn't and he had a glorious walk. I also planned to make good progress inside and outside the house, but none of this happened and I spent the day in displacement activity. All this week the weather has been dire, driving to and from work in the dark, generally in heavy rain, has been depressing though I do try to get out of the office at lunchtime for a boost of daylight. I am trying desperately to hold that Palm Springs sunshine in my mind but I think the prospect of another month before we reach the shortest day and start moving in the right direction isn't helping.

Then this morning I woke to blue skies and sunlight. Wonderful. The garden was beautifully frosted and as you can see the birdbath was frozen solid. We go through a period of winter here where the sun never touches either our front drive or the back patio, the whole area can become a land of permafrost but as long as the days are bright and the sun is on the hills its manageable. So today I've been to my yoga class, I've done the washing and the sheets are stiff as board on the line, I've cleaned the house, I've made parsnip soup for the freezer and even done a few rounds of knitting. All I need is a little sunlight, I must be solar powered.

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