Saturday, 10 November 2007

Born in the USA

Three socks in three weeks, its not good I know but it was very hot in California. I couldn't make the blue socks into a matching pair as the long repeat would have wasted so much wool I probably wouldn't have had enough. Anyway I like them as they are. I was able to knit on the journey to Los Angeles but coming back was a night flight, everyone put their lights out and I was sleepy too so no knitting on the way home. At least I established that you can take knitting needles on British Airways without any hassle at all.

I am finding it so hard to get back into any sort of routine, still a bit jet lagged, I slept until around 11 am on Friday and find myself wide awake in the middle of the night. However I did motivate myself to get out into the garden today. Its looking pretty sad, but I've swept up leaves and cut back some old herbaceous material. I generally leave the dead foliage and seed heads standing to provide food for the birds and some protection for new growth, however I make an exception with the back garden as I can't spend from now until Easter looking out of the kitchen window at brown stalks and slimey old leaves. The tomatoes in the greenhouse are finished and all the summer pots have been moved back indoors. Not a happy time so I'll cheer you up with a photo of my Native American painted tile, which Mr FF chose especially to match our kitchen worktops and as you can see it does.

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