Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Not just knitting

I am making progress with my Christmas knitting list but obviously I can't show you anything in case its for you! I have been brushing up on another skill though, mosaic. My friend Rose on the Isle of Wight (where as we know time stands still) has kindly sent me kits from Helen Mosaics and because the latest one has such Christmasy colours I thought I'd better get it made. I glued down the mosaics on Sunday and grouted the tile on Monday evening while Mr FF was at his Italian class. I also regrouted the corner of the tile I made earlier. I entered this in the 'coaster' category at our village show last year. I won second prize, 30p if I remember correctly, but unfortunately someone must have dropped the tile because the corner grout had broken off when I went to collect it.

All fixed now. Its quite relaxing sticking and grouting, do you think I'm ready to tackle a garden table next?

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