Sunday, 24 April 2016

Day 5, feels like home

Yesterday Christopher the builder took away a lot of the old timber to burn on his house fire and today bags of rubble to use as hardcore for his drive.  I like it that nothing is being wasted.    'It looks more like a room now' he commented as I swept around. 'It looks beautiful' I replied, because although we still have a long way to go the opening for the doors has been enlarged and it is fantastic. The right hand side opening is complete, the left hand still needs cutting back an equal amount.  It's a bigger vista than I imagined, it makes me so happy 
The joiner seems to have done a decent job, nice chunky timber that is reassuringly well bolted together.
and the new roof is insulated with some of the board we had to store in the car.

As a temporary measure the old doors are back in place, the extra opening will be boarded up tomorrow.
Christopher is finished now until after the new doors are fitted in 3 weeks, next we need the roofing people to come and replace tiles and form the lead work.

I asked Mr FF if he'd been offered a job, apparently Christopher's existing joiner, who has an excellent reputation in these parts, is 70. Soon be time for someone younger to take over and Mr FF fits the bill by 3 years.  Apparently no offer has been made.


  1. The offer still stands for Mr FF to come down here as an apprentice joiner!! Seriously, those views are going to be well worth all the disruption and mess!

  2. You are so right about the view! It is sweeping.

  3. Getting there! Look forward to seeing the view when all is done and dusted! Ros x