Friday, 22 April 2016

Day 3, the weekend doesn't start here

The boys have worked solidly now for 3 days and had hoped to be more or less complete today but it's been one step forward two steps back.
Firstly all the old timber has been moved into the lounge 
to make room to work with the new on the balcony.
The framing for the new doors has started 
and the joiner seems to be working well despite a slight miscalculation that necessitated a mercy dash to the next town for more timber
and later in the day a sprint to the ironmongers by me for more bolts
I'm not totally delighted to have timber cut in the lounge, you can see I keep sweeping up the sawdust away from the thoroughfare but I'm still so excited by the work that I can forgive the mess, no pain no gain.

Every evening we tie these blue tarpaulin sheets to the opening to keep out the elements, so far the weather has been really kind though pretty cold these last 
couple of nights and windy too.  Fortunately today the new ceiling is starting to take shape giving a bit more protection, you just can't hold that joiner back.  
The Building Inspector came today and is happy with the work and a Surveyor from the door manufacturers was here to check the accuracy of the opening, he too thought everything was fine. 

Our builder will be here again tomorrow and possibly Sunday as he's committed to other work from Monday onwards.  It won't make for a brilliant weekend but hey, we're retired all the days are the same, we can party any time, if only we had the strength, both the joiner and the tea lady/cleaner are exhausted.

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  1. I have the same sort of joiner working on a playroom in the basement. I am the cleaner/tea lady when I am home from work. I am also the general-help, first aid worker and official admirer!