Monday, 21 January 2013

What's in a name

Mr FF has been pestering me for ages to change my email provider.  I was quite happy with the one I had and registered all over the place with that address but apparently we won't be able to keep that provider, it has limited capacity and lots of other reasons all beyond me.  Of course my old email address, taken out in the dark ages before everyone got on line was simply my name @etc, now its impossible to get anything like it using either Jen, Jenny or Jennifer.  
Mr FF thought I should use my existing Jennyflipflops email address but I don't feel that would give me much credibility if I was writing to my MP or making a complaint.
So after a while he got a bit cross because I was dithering and eventually he told me Jenny.Twat@ is available.  
Mmm, I'll give that some thought.

Post blog note,
I finally registered with my name and 48, the year I was born.


  1. Hi Jenny,

    I think I have read somewhere that it is recommended that you don't register your email address as your name and year of birth, it just gives you a weak link, especially if you then make a comment (or have made a comment) on your blog about birthday celebrations. I was phished the other day on twitter of all places and before I knew where I was had logged into what I thought was an area on twitter, I count myself as reasonably internet savvy, but it was early morning, I wasn't awake and I immediately knew I'd done it, so had to rush around changing all of my passwords for my social sites.

    Hope this helps

  2. I have had my email address since 1997 ..... long before it was advisable not to use your name. Our broadband account is in my name (and I pay for it), and although I know that there are cheaper deals available, I simply refuse to change it, as I have read too many horror stories of people losing their connection for weeks on end when switching providers.

  3. This gave me a giggle at the start of my work day. Thank you!

  4. I agree with not using your name or some personal details just to be safe, but finding an alternative name is so frustrating. Loved the cartoon though, I read recently that some idiots have named their new born daughter Hashtag (something to do with twitter apparently)!!

    How come you haven't shared any photos of your lovely snow?? You do have some don't you, lol!!


  5. So glad you didn't go with the mister's suggestion!