Monday, 28 January 2013

Knitting now

While its looked like this outside
Its looked like this inside
The snow hasn't been too bad for us, about 6 inches at its worst,  we've kept the drive and paths clear and not been out very often.  I have done lots of knitting whilst watching some pretty dire television programmes and making the sofa even more lop-sided than it was before I spent the month January on it.
I've made several pairs of fairly standard socks, this little baby jumper in Sublime organic cotton using a Rowan pattern I suddenly realised I've been knitting for 20 years, the first recipient of one of these is now at university.
I used up some Aruncania pure wool for this hourglass cowl.   It drapes nicely loose, looks good and chunky round my neck twice and doesn't have a wrong side, all very pleasing 
And I made a plain grey raglan jumper using a cone of unidentified yarn.  It was intended for Mr FF but shortage of materials means it fits me.
So that's quite a lot of yarn used up and I'm pleased to say no new stock has entered the house.  Maybe I'm not doing so bad after all, a whole month without a stash purchase. January certainly is the month of the sofa but now the snow is melting I might set my sights further afield.


  1. YES!! You do have some lovely snow, lol!! We got 5.5" on Friday, went xcounty skiing yesterday, and then watched as the weather changed in the evening and we got snow, sleet, freezing rain and finally just rain overnight. This morning was a hairy drive to work on slushy, party frozen roads. Another big warm up is on the cards this week again. Absolutely LOVE your felted yarn bag, plus all the amazing projects you've completed, wish I could be half as productive. I bought a book about stitch patterns and I'm happy to say I recognize a couple in that lovely baby jumper. I've saved that lovely cowl pattern, it's beautiful. If nothing else, the snow made you very productive!

    Oh! And I managed to make a card that isn't a Christmas card!!

  2. I love cowls. So easy to knit, even for me. I'd also love a big person version of that baby jumper.

  3. One benefit of snow.... lots of knitting. Love the little jumper. It's a lovely pattern! Keep warm. Ros

  4. The cowl is gorgeous. A beautiful colour and it looks so cosy. Enjoy! x

  5. I love the baby jumper! I haven't been doing much knitting - I'm too busy sewing!
    Our snow is just about gone - hooray!!

  6. I have become addicted to wearing cowls this winter. If my neck is warm, it makes the rest of me somehow feel more cosy! See you soon, once we have moved and got our Broadband sorted! Back to packing boxes!