Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A wet day in Inverness

Mr FF had a business meeting in Inverness yesterday and after some swithering about gardening I eventually accompanied him as the weather forecast wasn't that good. The journey up was fine and it didn't start to rain until into the afternoon though it seems there had been a lot more rain at home so nothing was lost. The route is beautiful, through Perthshire and into the dramatic Highlands with snow still on the tops and deer grazing on the hillsides.
I only had a couple of hours to kill whilst the meeting was going on so I took a walk round the town. The centre of Inverness doesn't have a lot to recommend it, the usual selection of chain stores, but the environs are very pleasant, some lovely old houses and pretty gardens. There is a nice stretch by the river where I could have sat knitting if the weather had been better, as it was I found a few bargains in the charity shops
5 balls of Rowan cotton glace and a pretty pressed glass dish
Some fair trade biscuits in the Oxfam shop and a sadly neglected campanula 50p in a supermarket bargain bucket. The plant is currently in intensive care on the kitchen window cill, its touch and go whether I can revive it but look how pretty the pot is. Total spend just under £6.
On the way home we stopped off at a National Trust property for a pot of tea. Dream on, the self service restaurant offered mugs, hot water from an urn and tagged tea bags, no teapots, hot water or individual milk jugs. I really can't stand tea made in a mug, even when I'm on my own I make a proper pot of tea. Sarah Raven would be furious as were we and we left quickly. I've already sent off my Mrs Angry letter to the Trust. We drove on to a charming teashop that we often use further down the road, proper service including pretty tartan Tain Pottery cups, delicious homemade cakes and plenty of beautiful crafty things to admire in the shop.
Mr FF mentioned to his colleague that I was with him, to which the person said that having company can make the journey seem a lot shorter. Mr FF apparently replied that it can also make it seem a lot longer, I have no idea what he meant.

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  1. LOL, Mr FF sounds a little bit like my Dad.............