Friday, 1 May 2009

Put together sock finale

I have now exhausted the possibilities of producing wearable socks from the scrap bag which is just as well because the exercise was becoming a bit stressful.
This pair worked out quite well, I used three different yarns knitting the cuff and heel in one colour, the main part in another and the toe in the third (you can hardly see the change). I had enough of the main colour to make a larger size.
But this last pair has been a real headache, the cuff, heel and toe are all knitted in different yarns. I barely had enough of the main colour to finish and not enough of anything else to knit the leg in one colour and the foot in another. I resorted to knitting the first sock to just beyond the heel turn whilst constantly weighing the wool on my kitchen scales, I'd checked before I started so knew how much yarn I could afford for each sock. I then started the second pair imagining once I'd completed the cuff and heel I might have some of those colours left to use in the foot, of course I didn't. I eventually knitted a fairly small size, rather tight for my size 5 feet, but I think they've turned out quite well and looking at the colours I had left and might have had to resort to, could have been a lot worse.
I'll put all the little bits into the charity shop hoping someone can make use of them and pat myself on the back for finally emptying the scrap bag that had been on my conscience for a while. Now lets see what else is in that stash.


  1. Hi, I think ur sox look great, good idea about usuing the scraps, make's them more fun.
    also love ur garden...xox

  2. Love the scrappy idea...these are terrific socks! Hope you're having fun in the garden, Jenny! :o) Today we bought three Japanese maple trees which we'll plant tomorrow--can't wait! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  3. Those socks look great! What a good idea. I guess the weighing bit is quite stressful LOL!I could probably keep myself in sock yarn for the next year if I took up your idea! Think I'm going to make a sock wool blanket instead, out of small squares. Hmmm....welll having the idea at least, makes me feel a little less guilty!

  4. Hi Jenny, thanks for visiting my blog, I have only recently started to crochet and i really enjoy it, but i do need to concentrate on 1 thing at a time, lol, I need some of your restraint i think.
    And anyone that can knit socks can definalty crochet, last winter i became very addicted to ssock making, this year seems to be crocheting, but i do have a knitted tea cosy in mind..........
    have a beautiful day.

  5. The socks are great! Spot on for persevering with the scraps and achieving something so wonderful out of them.