Tuesday, 12 May 2009

In the house

Well the planned trip along the road to the isles was preceded by a trip down the road to the doctors on Friday. My shoulder and left arm had been quite sore for a while but Thursday evening I hardly slept and knew I wasn't in a fit state to make the four hour car journey to the west coast. Luckily the doctor fitted me in late morning and after a very thorough examination diagnosed the problem as acute frozen shoulder. I had to have a steroid injection into the joint, whilst clinging onto the lovely nurse who kindly undressed me and offered a hand to squeeze. This was most unpleasant and I came home to rest on the sofa thinking the trip was off but fortunately after a couple of hours and a talking to from Mr FF I felt some improvement so armed with pain killers and anti inflammatories we set off late afternoon.
The prospect of being ill away from home was daunting and I certainly wasn't feeling 100% over the weekend, we didn't get to do any walking, use the bikes or the canoe that come with the property, but we did spend a lot of time looking out of the windows, had a couple of gentle runs out in the car and tried to relax.
You all seem to have got as excited as me at the thought of staying in such a grand design, so I took lots of photographs for you which I hope give you a feel for the place. It is a beautiful family home with a very natural and nautical feel created by lime washed boarding to the walls and wooden floors. Built on stilts between rocky outcrops it fits into the landscape beautifully and being extremely well insulated felt cozy even when the rain poured down. The house came into its own when the sun shone, huge sliding doors open out onto the decking bringing the outside in.
Lets start with the view from the kitchen window.A perfect place to sit and knit.
The living area is open plan, kitchen, dining featured here , sitting, all looking onto this
Mr FF, structural engineer that he is, spent a lot of time contemplating the exposed construction , I just admired it.
The deer isn't real, its inflatable.
Helen and I found this boat in an antique shop in Edinburgh many years ago and she bought it for her husband's birthday, long before she ever dreamt of this house but she did design a shelf above a door especially for it.
View from our bedroom window at the back of the house with the tumbling burn that runs into the loch and will be used to generate power.
I have explained to Helen already that since I wasn't up to par this trip really doesn't count and I should have another visit when I'm well, she agrees totally. Next time I'll show you more of the outside and the places we visited. For now try to imagine the sounds of the water, the call of sea birds and the wonderful timber smell of the house.


  1. Hi, Jenny! Gosh, I am so sorry to hear you were not so well for your holiday... A frozen shoulder. My father had something like that once, it was awful, but the steroid injections helped. Hope by now you are feeling better... Funny how holidays work out like that sometimes--you plan so much, and really picture how it's going to be before you even get there. Sometimes though it's good just to get away. And what beautifully surroundings you had to rest and rejuvenate in! :o) Hope you will get to go back and have re-do on that holiday. Thank you for sharing and letting us know what's been happening. Thinking of you & your shoulder... ((HUGS))

  2. What an amazing place! This looks like a spot The Professor and I would LOVE! I hope your shoulder is better now.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my haiku.

  3. So sorry to hear you were not 100% fit, especially as the venue looks sooo amazing. I guess you had a good break anyway, just because of the surroundings. Sometimes, when something makes you slow right down you appreciate a whole new level of beauty! X

  4. Sorry to hear about your shoulder! Hope it is getting better. What a gorgeous place you were staying in! Would love to visit it some time... Sometimes it's good to have an excuse to stay inside when you have a break. I have missed reading your blog these days, but am just too busy.. But that doesn't mean I've forgotten it and you :oD

  5. Jenny--ouch!that shoulder sounds like it hurts--glad to hear the doctor was able to help and you are feeling better. Your trip sounded lovely. Hears hoping you get back soon feeling good! best-c

  6. Knitting will be a bit difficult with the shoulder as well? Good luck with that. I loved the house and I loved the fact that you passed on 'it's lovely timber smell'. That brought your experience closer ...
    June in Oz

  7. I Hope your feeling so much better and maybe a few days at that beautiful oasis helped.....Sometime's doing "nothing" is everything.........

  8. What a beautiful place! I hope you are feeling better. I've had shoulder problems and it's no fun.

  9. What a peaceful haven, and the fact that it is an eco house! Sorry to hear about your arm but of course that means you are deserving of another trip. Thank you for stopping by...I love your stand on flip flops!!

  10. What a beautiful house, and what a view! Now that I live with a view of the mountains, I miss the water (before, in NY, I lived very near the water, but wanted the mountains :)). Hope your shoulder is much better by now. I had a problem with my shoulder last fall and know it's no fun.

  11. Hello Jenny,
    I'm sorry to hear you weren't well for your trip. I'm familiar with frozen shoulder pain, and it's excrusiating, I feel for you a LOT!
    That house! WOW! It's just wonderful, idyllic, you lucky thing to visit. And the landscape! Oh my! What landscape! Just the sort of place Hugo and I love. Thanks so much for sharing the photos with us. And I'm so glad to see your weather looked exceptional.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)