Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Where does this bit go?

I'm hardly using my car nowadays but I noticed when I did take it out recently that it had developed a rattle somewhere towards the front. That's as specific as I can be, whenever I say that my car is making a noise Mr FF asks me what kind of noise and I am never able to elaborate. So Mr FF drove my car briefly and said he wasn't sure what it was but didn't think I needed to worry about it.
Then yesterday I had to take my car into town, I did mention again the rattle but Mr FF thought it would be fine. There was no rattle on the main and fairly straight road into town just on the bumpy back lanes near our house, so I didn't worry too much. I'd just got into Edinburgh when there was a horrible clank and the sound of metal bouncing down the road. I stopped the car as soon as I could and walked back to find out what had come off. I picked up a large semi circle of very rusty metal with jagged ends and a shiny long silver coloured pin. I phoned Mr FF who was in a meeting and left a message explaining what had happened, describing the bits that had come adrift. I decided to press on for my appointment, the exhaust still seemed to be secure and at least the rattle had stopped.
Afterwards I drove home very slowly and feeling quite sick wondering what major part of the car those pieces secured and if the wheels were going to fall off. I got back safely and showed Mr FF the pieces of metal. He had a look round my car and under the bonnet before announcing 'no way did those parts come off your car, you've brought the wrong bits home'.
The car is going to the garage at the weekend, be interesting to know what exactly happened and how the rattle was cured.

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