Thursday, 11 September 2008

Socks, sunlight and squashing

A completed pair of Tidal Wave socks knitted with the Lana Grossa Bosco I bought the other week in Darlington. I am putting them away as a Christmas present, how good am I planning that far ahead. I've started another pair using a Lana Grossa cotton and wool mix that is knitting up really well but they are a surprise for someone so I can't show you. And because I'd used one and a half balls of the recent batch, I felt able to replace them with these three when we went down to Darlington yesterday, plus a set of Opal bamboo dps that were a real bargain. I won't be going back there for a couple of months now so best to stock up.
I realised today why I've been feeling a bit down in the mouth, I haven't been getting my daily quota of sunlight. When I was working I always made a point of going for a walk at lunch time for at least 20 minutes to get some natural light but for the last week or so I'd hardly stepped out of the door. I was outside yesterday, apart from when I was in the shops of course, and I've been in the garden this afternoon so I feel that I'm back on track.
And a nice little treat this morning when I came out of the doctors after my three yearly breast scan. (How I like the way the literature that comes with your appointment letter talks about slight compression when they actually mean your breasts will be squashed between a couple of hard flat surfaces.) I picked up a copy of Debbie Bliss's Luxury Collection pattern book in the charity shop, I deserved that for being so brave. Actually it didn't hurt a bit the radiographer was brilliant, hardly compressed me at all.

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