Monday, 29 September 2008

Betwixt and Between

I seem to be between seasons at the moment. Its official autumn now and I've been trying to keep the flowers in the garden going a bit longer by dead heading and generally cutting back. Really there's not much return for all this effort, a few feeble blooms, nothing like the riot of colour in high summer. I'm also revamping a couple of beds and have been digging out some thuggish plants that have taken over. Lots of new planting opportunities for me to enjoy. Because I'm still able to do things outside I am not reconciled to crafting in the daytime. I had a brief period when I started my patchwork mainly listening to radio 4 in the afternoon which seemed like a worthwhile use of time. Patching isn't as easily picked up and put down as knitting, which I do whilst watching tv in the evening, on long journeys in the car, on the bus into town or just sitting waiting. For me patchwork requires a bit more concentration and effort but that may be because I'm such a novice.I got all my patchwork pieces laid out, its my intention to put together 8 large coloured squares and join them all with patches of the cream material (somehow). I've made 3 squares so far but haven't done any more since before we went to Italy. I'd really like to crack on with this not least because my hands are in a dreadful state from all the gardening and time spent stitching would let them recover, but the sun is shining and I can't sit down.

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